MTC Billet Inner Clutch Hub ???


Hey folks anyone using the MTC Billet Inner Clutch Hub...I want to install one on my bike instead of doing a clutch mod. My Inner Hub Needs replacing so instead of buying the stock hub and a clutch mod I want to install this MTC Billet Inner Clutch Hub. Can this be done?

I am using NEW OEM plates and fibers, NEW OEM Clutch Basket and Brock's Performance Clutch Cushion Kit with the spacer for use with the MTC Billet Inner Clutch Hub will this work?

My Question really is: Will A MTC Billet Inner Clutch Hub work with the OEM clutch Setup? Or are the MTC Hubs ONLY for Lock up Clutch Or Slider Clutch Systems???

My bike is a 2006 Hayabusa

Mark R.
If its for looks , Just do what I did and powder coat your old one.
Yeah it will work. New they come with bolts, spacers and washers to make it all line up for a stock setup. the spacers are not needed for the lock-up.... I had one with and without the lock-up.

below is a link of one ive been watching on ebay. Good price for it if you dont want to buy new...

Suzuki Hayabusa Inner HUP Billet | eBay
I just received my new MTC Billet Clutch Hub today..It came with spacers, bolts and springs....

I also have a new clutch Cushion Kit from Brock's Performance. The Clutch Cushion Kit Consists of The following:

1- Dual-stage clutch cushion
1- Cushion ring
1- Thick fiber clutch plate
6- Load control clutch springs (a staggered assembly of four heavy duty springs and two extra heavy duty springs)

I also Have a Brock's Performance MTC Conversion Kit #270435 (Required to use the Brock's Clutch Cushion Kit with the MTC Billet Clutch Hub).

The Brock's MTC Conversion Kit is a Clutch Spring Spacer Kit .280 Thick....

I am using the stock clutch set up (Basket, Pressure plate, steels and fibers.)

I need to know if I have to use both of the spacers...(The set I got with the MTC Billet Inner Clutch Hub) and The Spacers I got with the (Brock's MTC Conversion Kit?)

Do the spacers have to work together? Or Do I have to only use one set?
I read online that the MTC Supplied spacers are for the MTC HUB to work on a stock style set up (NOT the Slider Clutch/Lock UP clutch systems.)

I am thinking that I have to use both of the spacers because the clutch cushion kit and MTC conversion kit can only work with the Spacers supplied by Brock's Performance and in order to Use the MTC Clutch Hub with the stock style clutch set up (which I have) I have I'll have to use the Spacers supplied by MTC...

Can anyone please correct me if I'm wrong....

I need to know this for sure before I take my bike apart...I hope I explained my concern correctly and I hope I didn't confuse anyone..PLEASE feel FREE to ask any questions if you need me to clear up anything...

Mark R.
The MTC spacers are pretty thick right? I would say you will need all of the spacers as the MTC ones are to bring it all back to "stock specifications"