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Excuse my French all..... but **** Him!! He needs to go to Prison. Isn't that a Drunken Bikers dream???
Have another Beer Billy.
Wonder if they'll do Biker Build-offs from Prison!
i say screw Lane-but i doubt the "justice system" but celebrities always get slack cut, and this will be no different.

only way this works out fairly is if they revoke Lane's lic. AFTER he gets out of PRISON for at least 5 years-n he gets stuffed back inside if he gets caught ridn too.

I got love for DUI drivers like I got love for the guy who ran Enron....let'em f**kin burn.
Major Loss for both sides, the Morelocks and the Lanes. Lane made all the wrong choices. In a biker build off episode against Russell, he received a ticket because he didn't have a license. We were thinking "What's up with that?" Now we know...

Sad and stupid.
(psycobusa @ Sep. 25 2006,21:41) if he does go to prison i bet he wont get a long sentence.
when they look at his past arrest record, i bet they throw the book at him. he was dirving on a suspended license...why, CAUSE HE HAD ALREADY BEEN ARRESTED WHILE DRIVING DRUNK!!!!

he's a talented bike builder, but i got no love for idiots.
1st If you are involved in a traffic crash involving serious injury / fatality, your blood can be drawn forcefully here in Florida.

2nd Any of his previous traffic problems or arrests, can not be brought into the trial of this case, or it could jeopardize it, with a possible mistrial. Now once a decision is made through the court, during the sentencing, previous things could be brought up to use as sentencing guidelines.

3rd Lets all not be judgmental. Obviously it’s a terrible tragedy. But please remember everyone in our wonderful country is afforded the opportunity to a fair trial, and one will be provided here.

4th Lets all pray for the victim and his family, and also Mr. Lane and his family too. No one will come out a winner here. It is just a terrible tragedy for everyone involved and family members on both sides.

I say a pray for the Morelocks and the Lanes every night, because it’s a horrible situation for all.



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(Gunnybusa @ Sep. 26 2006,15:45) **** Lane!
Yeppers, square in his a$$...
Which is what I hope is awaiting him in the Big House...
Some Big Bubba, with a Monster Schlong breaking him in ...


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You must understand...
I don't think Lane is sorry for what he did...
But, I do think he is sorry that he got caught...

I have no respect for anyone that drinks and drives. Yes I do drink but me and my wife have an understanding if we go out to dinner or a party then only one of us drinks period. Oh by the way I was hit in a head on collision with my wife and my 8 year old son in the car and then he took off down the road with me chasing him on foot but the cops caught him down the road in a ditch. It was his second offense. My wife and I have allways done this even before we were hit. We all make mistakes but we have all been told about a Million times dont drink and drive so in my eyes this is no mistake it was a choice.


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I always thought of Lane as a punk. So he can build a bike. Who cares?
What kind of person is he? He has shown more than once that he is a horse's a$$.


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I liked some of his bikes, saw the guy in person at a bike show... he's an ass that let the fame go to his head.

Drunk drivers

Did anyone read the part where the guy that got killed was on a moped and coming home from work.... as a park ranger
The guy was probably scraping by doing a job that so often is thankless only to have mr big biker builder rob his friends and family of time with him.

I agree with having him talk to big bubba... and having the conversation be a little dry

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