Beware Bob Tracey Suzuki Parts


Just a heads up. I've been trying to get some parts for my Busa from Bob Tracey, who also is listed under Genuine Suzuki Parts in many magazines, and have gotten nothing but aggravation instead. I ordered a Zero Gravity windscreen, a 15 tooth sprocket and some motor oil. I got a screen for a GSXR 750, a 520 sprocket and the wrong weight oil. Not to mention the fact that all three were shipped at different times and had to be sent back three different times. To add to it, the guy taking the order sounded like he was taking orders for Big Mac's a couple days earlier. Maybe I just had a bad run but keep it in mind if you order from there.
thx man....some people are lazy or whatever an' dont post this kind of thing....thx . I love it . If someone's doin' a shiddy job with there bizness , lets send them a message , by takin' away there bizness .
I live near them. Closest yamaha/suzuki dealer to me. I actually bought my bus there. They typically are horrible to deal bikes with. To my suprise they cut me a better deal than anyone else could.

Now to my point. They are not the best place to order parts from. They do not stock much in the way of aftermarket parts or factory parts for that matter. They have a lot of stuff, but it's usually just your basic stuff.

Anytime I tried to get parts there other than oil and filters it had to be ordered.

Trash talk aside, it is a very clean nice place with nice people working there. I go there for basic stuff all the time. They're prices are high. You are better off going to an internet parts store to get your goodies. I have had great success with:

Sorry if I'm killing a sponsor here, but these to places are super nice people, stock what you need, cheap as hell, great customer service.

Hope that helps.