well first off let me say i have been riding street bikes since age 14 . now 35years yung i like working and riding i am no expert but do have lots of road time. now that thats done,
BRIDGE STONE has now got my vote. when i got my bike a month and half ago i had to fly to fairbanks ak.
to get it, and then ride it back to anchorage alaska. about 400 miles cuz i had to turn around becuz the road i was on was flood out .
the thing that got me was i had to ride in freezing rain,slush,snow, and heavy rain. i had to do this two times cuz of the road wash out i had to turn around and go through it again . at one point i took a look at my speed 75mph and was suprised my tire and bike gave no hint of breaking loose in the turns or the straits. even so my ass cheeks puckerd up and i changed my speed.

so what tires have you found that work good on the busa ?


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my PERSONAL perspective: 1 - 5 higher the better

BT56 - 3
Dunlop208 - 1
HPX - 3
Diablos - 5 for sticky
Corsas - 4
Strada - 2
M3 - 4.5
Qualifier - ?? trying next, hoping for a 5

I prefer stick over wear, ride in all types of weather including winter, also had most those on race track days. I prefer round profile over V shaped so I am skipping the Powers

my two cents


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I'm posting a thread with pics later tonight about this but I have Avon Viper Sport AV-59 & AV-60 with 2000 miles on them and they are barley worn. In fact you can still see the mold marks in some spots. Those miles are all MA,CT,NY,VT,NH mountain miles. My commute to work is 7 miles so I barely ever use the highway. My 2¢


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will be doing the new pilot ct next but just bought m3s they hook real nice didnt realize how bad my other tire was till got new ones 1st gear power weelies are a blast

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