Best coolant mix?


I imagine I'm not alone in this complaint: the factory coolant mix in the Hayabusa is fine UNTIL you get caught in stop and go traffic (i.e. whenever airflow is low or non-existent), at which point the temperature guage goes high in a hurry.

This is a real irritation, because I've repeatedly told people in cars to stay home and not cause traffice jams, but they just won't cooperate!

I think I read somewhere before that there ARE better coolant mixes available, that will keep the engine cooler.

I live in Austin Texas. Although I have no fear of a hard freeze, Suzuki does say that you need at LEAST 50% antifreeze to prevent corrosion. So, I guess I'm asking if anyone out there can recommend an antifreeze, or an additive, or a pre-mixed coolant mixture that will outperform this sorry mix that Suzuki put in there.


Jim G
Redline water wetter @ recommended maximum dosage 4 or 5 ounces?
15-20% of the red (5 year) antifreeze.
Fill the rest with distilled water.
I wouldn't store a bike over the winter with this mix, but it will provide much better cooling than stock.
Another solution is to buy the purple "Engine Ice" and just use that stuff straight up. I think it might be called "Wards Engine Ice"

Big Gar next time your wrenching on the busa give me a call and l want to come over and learn some things about this machine. I know I will never master it on the road but would love to know how to keep it up and running.

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
What is "Engine Ice"?

I gather from the way you said it that it's a "premixed" coolant, but what are the main ingredients?

i.e. Is it still ethylene glycol based, or ?

Jim G
Engine Ice works well on the BUSA just buy 2 bottles because one is not enough.I'm not sure what its made of but it works well.You have to drain all of the fluid in cooling system then replace w/engine ice.I got the water wetter first but found the ice is better.
I'm not sure what it's made of. I don't think you'd want to mix cocktails with it or anything though.


Engine Ice is a Propylene Glycol blend with De-ionized water.

Without getting into spam....We've had results of reductions in operating temperatures by as much as 50oF...most realize a reduction of 15-20oF.

It is biodegradable and non-toxic.

It is legal in AMA, CCS and FUSA road racing.

Many top teams and riders use it, riders using Engine Ice have won more than 250 National Championships.
Thanks, guys!

I'd try the Engine Ice, but Suzuki's service manual clearly says to use an "ethylene glycol" coolant, so it could theoretically work against me if I ever need warranty service on the engine.

Jim G