best cam for 08 hayabusa

Im looking at getting a stock bore drop in higher compression piston kit and want to know if I should upgrade the cam too if so which brand and size im new to the internal engine mods and also if there is a good brand for piston kits thanks guys

btw: my bike has factory pro velocity stacks bmc air filter full brocks alien head exhaust +2 rear sprocket and im not a drag racer just want to be king of the streets


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You can PM some of the mechanics here, GIXERHP, Goldenchild, etc.

The Gen I had a pistons cam mod that created around 200 HP back in the day. Have not heard about anyone doing this to a Gen II.


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Honestly with how lightly sprung a Gen2 comes from the factory, i wouldn't recommend any cams with out a re spring.
The valve seat pressure is so low, any good high lift cam, may cause problems.
And there is only 1 upgraded valve spring for a Gen2.
If it was me, i would replace all the Ti valves for stainless, and a set of 65lb Carpenter springs and add the cams that would fit your build.
Now with that said, the smallest Web cams, require a high compression piston, springs, and shortened guides.
Mega cycle has a drop in, but requires a spring kit
Not sure what Yosh has to offer, but its possible!

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Isn't the head the bottle neck in the busa motors? I have seen gen2 with the simple bolt on net around 190hp. So wouldn't mild head work get you close to 200hp?
So would I be safe with just doing a piston kit like 13:1 or 13.5:1 and do I have to get a different gasket like a thinner one I read somewhere about that

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