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Who else herrrrrr is a beer fanatic? Anyone else ever try New Castle Brown ale, Mackeson, Belhaven, Blue Moon or Woodchuck?
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I love all non dark beer and yes PBR is a good one! "But when I get home I am going to drink a Coors lite bc Bud Lite wont pay me any money".... If anyone watched the fights a few nights ago.


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Love Beer.

Blue Moon is a good one, made by Coors. I anyone have a Gordon Biersch (sp?) in their neighborhood.

Also the Heavy Seas line from Clipper City Brewing company in Baltimore is great.

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Coors actually "imports" blue moon.. (toured the brewery a few times over the years) Still a beer that needs fruit? yuk..

Not a Pilsner beer fan myself... heavy darks, good ales... probably drink more Sam Adams than most any other..
Total beer snob here. With tons of micro and craft breweries in Colorado, there is little excuse for drinking mass-produced American "beer" :)

I like dark beers the most. Guinness is pretty good, but Murphy's and Beamish are a bit smoother. Young's Double Chocolate Stout is delicious. Newcastle is good -J.W. Dundee Honey Brown is a good alternative. Mackeson stout is OK - I prefer stouts that are bottled/canned with the nitrogen cartridge. Never had Belhaven. Blue Moon is drinkable - pretty good flavor for a lighter beer. Woodchuck makes some tasty ciders - especially the pear. Ace pear cider is good, to - drier and less sweet than Woodchuck. Within the last couple weeks Asahi Black has finally become available here - dark color, but crisp and refreshing.


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My favorite is Mirror Pond from Deschutes Brewery in Oregon. My regular since I can't get that beer in Ohio is Coors Light, I do also enjoy Blue Moon and I like Widmer Hefeweisen back before it was bought out by Schlitz.


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Not really a beer, or alcohol person, but when I do, I'll take Blue Moon or Tsingtao. Don't really like any other beers I've tried. Usually too bitter. I'm a prude, I know. :whistle:
Yup..Blue Moon Here. Someone just recently turned me onto linenkugel (SP?) and that is pretty good. All time favorite is Called Aventinus. Its a doppleback from germany made with clove and orange spices. I really enjoy it especially when you get the first one down b/c it is thick. You can really taste it after that.


Love Beer.

Blue Moon is a good one, made by Coors. I anyone have a Gordon Biersch (sp?) in their neighborhood.

Funny you mention this Dino. Was in San Diego yesterday and drove past Gordon Biersch. Barrels all stacked up along the windows. What exactly is it?

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