backpack, basket or other?


I wanna start riding the new busa to work -- only 8 miles.  But, I need to carry a change of clothes, sneakers, etc.  I've seen a busa with a basket on the back and I've seen people riding with backpacks.  I like the backpack look and some of the bags at  What do you guys think of the options?
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I ride with a backpack. i carry my laptop and some clothes in there and i keep a pair a shoes in my office to change.
i have a bunge net it works on back seat just fne. holds a soft bag with weekends worth of cloths if need be. you gotta lose the hump !
Take a little pink basket off a girls cycle (you know the one with the plastic daisy) works great, lightweight, and looks nice mounted to the front of the busa
I ride with a magnetic tank bag. I have a small one and a large one. Make sure you get one with a strap that goes around the steering head. At about 120 they tend to lite.

I have a GSXR tank bag one of the older magnetic ones that is blue and black and has the GSXR logo. I also have a Blue net just in case and here is a pic of the new backpack I bought it is cool I am a computer tech it holds all of my computer tools and my laptop plus room to spare.
PS I bought it online from a company found it for 82.90 shipped local SUzuki dealer wanted 119.00 I will post info if any one wants
<span style='color:darkblue'></span>race24x - Where did you buy online your gear?

Odyssey - LOL !!! Are there any websites where you can order those pink baskets you refered to?
I use the larger Teknic tank bag had it on my VFR holds about everyhting i want clothes shoes and even a couple side compartmenst and a spot on top to place a map but i think for a longer trip i wana take this summer id get a back pack also that tank bag was expandable also and never had problems with it gettin loosy on me i never tied it to the handle bars and i run 150 most of the time

my .02 cents worth
I have a magnetic tank bag that has straps you can use on the tank as well. But the best part is that it comes with shoulder straps so it doubles as a backpack when you jump off the bike.
For Vegas I'll have a bungee net holding a bag on the back and a backpack too.
I use the Tourmaster tailbag TB17, it works great if you use the rear seat. After you get the built in bungee cords adjusted to fit the bike, it only takes 5 sec to put on or remove. Great for all day rides or short trips. Only bad thing is it would be easy for someone to sneak off with it.
I just got my Suzuki backpack. I have used hard saddlebags, hard tail bag, and a tank bag before. I have to say, the backpack is very comfy... And, I can still lay completely on the tank (for those long trips when I need to catch some shuteye)

There is one thing that I really miss about my tank bag... It had a clear plastic front that I could place a map in. Can't do that with the backpack, unless I was Linda Blair playing Raeghn!

BTW - the guy at the cycle shop quoted me the wrong price over phone ($79 instead of $109) so they gave it to me for the lower number!