Azaro AV45/AV46 ST tires for the BUSA


Wondering if anybody has any input on Azaro tires for the Hayabusa. The new AV45/AV46 ST are supposed to have better tire life, but my concern is it looks like they are rated to 149mph. As most of us know this is where the BUS is just getting going.

Any info would be appreciated. Their website isn't a big help.
If they are not rated right for the Busa then don't get them.  I have over sped a tire and it's not fun.  I got a new front tire put on my Busa and never looked at it.  On the way to work I was playing when all of a sudden my handle bars started to shake and I started to smell burning rubber.  I slowed down and the bike stopped shaking.  Once I got to work I found out that the tire had rubbed in inside of the fender and melted almost all the way through it.  I looked at the tire and found out it was wrong.  TOTALLY WRONG.  It was only rated to 120 and I was going about 140.  That and it was the wrong size which made it even closer to the finder to begin with. The tire expanded by about 1/4 to 3/8 inch and that is why it rubbed. BAD TIMES don't do it.
If I am not mistaken all Z rated tires are only rated to 149. I could be mistaken though.

Marc "Howlin Mad"