Mileage report for Avon AV46

Don Hardcastle

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Guinevere is in the shop getting a new rear tire. I am buying another Avon AV46. I got 5500 miles out of the current one. I am actually changing the tire a little early because of the meat and great.

The old one had 1/16" to the wear indicators so I could have probably gotten another 1200-1500 miles out of the tire. It takes my shop 2 days to get the tire and a day to install, so I didn't want to need another one at the Meet -N- Greet. Besides I get that tire for $185 installed. I know you can find it cheaper on the net but (a) my shop won't install anything not purchased there and (b) even if they did you have to pay shipping as well as installation so it would probably come out the same anyway.

Here are a couple of pics of the old tire, right before I left her at the shop.




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I've got my new Avon sitting in the garage .......trying to finish off the last little bit on my Conti-Force .