Avon Stom Ride Report as promised.


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Ok guys, some of you asked me to give a ride report after the Eureka Meet. Here goes,

The Avon Storms I have on my bike are very new, less than 250 miles on them when we left Friday afternoon. Juli and I took a ride Memorial Day weekend to try to scrub them in before the Eureka meet.

This is what I noticed...........The tires seem to heat up in a short amount of time. Riding 2-up is how we ride 95% of the time and they did great. I felt no slipping and as told, my busa felt stable even at full tilt. I have to admit, I pushed them a little hard after I had them warmed up to see where they would give, and I never reached that point. You know where the tire will feel slippery and seem to slide just a bit? The Storms never did that.

We had some wet roads this morning, but nothing bad, so wet weather traction needs to be reported later.

I did ride alone this morning for the Squirrel run, again, they did great and held up, but it was a nice pace, nothing rushed.

Now for the hard stuff, we broke away from the group on the way back to Point West Saturday afternoon. I was right behind the ride leader riding 2-up with Juli, and I will say it was a "spirited ride" with little traffic. We pushed hard for the entire ride and the two hours it took to get back to Eureka went by like a flash. The tires were good and warm and the bike felt like it was on rails, and it helped I had a good groove and proper technique carving the corners. This ride was the hardest we rode all weekend and I felt very confident in the tire and the bike. There are no strips at all on the tire and you can clearly see we went all the way to the edge of the tire.

I will purchase this tire again if the mileage proves to be worthy. The Avon Storm is perfect for my riding style on the streets and I look forward to the outcome.


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It was a very Spirited ride indeed, i think we got to at least 70 mph :rofl::laugh: and it looked like it was on rails, from what i seen they are a Awesome tire.


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Great write up ! And I agree....the Storms are all I have bought for the past 2 years. :beerchug:


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Great write up.. I'll have to agree; great all round tire, got caught in a good down fall a time or two and they held steady and true. Only got about 1000 miles on my first set I've ever owned and could'nt ask for better and I'm a pretty aggressive driver all round.
Like said, I'm hopefull they last to their known mileage expectations.

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Good write up, James. You might not be as ergonomically dimensional as Dennis when it comes to riding one up and how fast (or hot) the tires will get to temprature. :laugh: (No offense, BW!!) Seems like total load may influence how hot the tires get but, I found out alot about myself and what I think I might know this weekend...got lots to learn!!! That said, I wish I could give a more objective opinion about tire performance but I think it's gonna be a while 'afore I can do that. It'll be interesting to see what kind of total mileage you get from those.... :beerchug:
It is posts like this that make it easier for me to buy tires and the important things for my bike. I have been on the Storms for about 1000 miles and love the tires. I am more confident on them than the originals with one or 2 riders. Mostly I am by myself and only weigh 180lbs and I have no problems with the tires heating up in good time. Hope this was semi-helpful.


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It was a very Spirited ride indeed, i think we got to at least 70 mph :rofl::laugh: and it looked like it was on rails, from what i seen they are a Awesome tire.
Did James offer to let you ride his bike and give the tires a REAL TEST? :bowdown:

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