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Will these 2 work together ? I'm getting ready to order my BDE kit from Veltune and was wondering what the advantages of using the ATRE along with the PCIIIr ?

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Hehehehe... :laugh: Go check out . I'm not trying to be rude, or funny, it's just that this topic tends to strike a nerve with some.

Also, it depends on what you mean by "working together". If you're asking if the bike will start and run, yes. According to those that have used them, the two devices can be used on the same bike simultaneously. If you are asking whether or not the two devices used together will work, as in make more power than either one alone, see the above linked thread...

To summarize the issue, it seems the "seat of the pants dyno" guys think there's a benefit (more power) to using the TRE/ATRE with the PCIIIR but the tuners and fast guys don't use them. I'm neither, but for what it's worth I think all the TRE's are a waste of money unless you absolutely MUST go over the speed restriction. In that case a switchable TRE that is only turned on for top end runs might make sense.

Good luck with this thread. :D

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