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All right. I broke down and ordered my PCIIIr exhaust today. (BDE Gen III) I am wanting to anadize the stainless, black, from the collector to the can. I also want to strip the heal guards and rear foot peg mounts and anadize them also. I will clear coat over the gards and peb mounts.

1. Do I need a seperate anadizer for stainless, aluminum, titanium, and junk metal?

2. Where do I find the anadizer?

If nothing elese I'm going to try gun-black (blueing). I know this works on carbon steel.




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Anodizing of metals isn't hard if you have the right equipment. But, it can't be done to all metals and may require spending alittle more money than you would like. Here are some links to help you get started. I work in the aircraft industry and no personally this can be time consuming!
Home technique
Lots of help here
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