Aprilia or MV Agusta


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Hey anyone one ridden these bikes? Your impressions? I would like to take a spin on these and Aprilia.com is kind of a cool web site.
No I haven't. But the reason I am posting is that I have seen the MV Agusta up close. The dealership where we got my fiance's Ducati also had an Agusta.

Oh, that is a sweet bike. The appearance, fit and finish, and paint all looked great. Very nice machine. If you get a chance to ride one, let us know how it went. :-)
Aprilla RSV1000 is similar to the RC51 it has GSXR riding position but a softer suspention than most sportbikes. the power isnt all there that a 1000 is supposed to have.

Anyway, how you been bro? I havent seen you posting for a while. Everything going good in cali? gonna change your name to calibusa? lol
MV Augusta...Got to sit on one at Sears Point last year..took some pic's of it...would be fun to have one in a plexiglas box in the living room..haha..neat scooter..
The Aprilia RSV and Falco are both nice bikes the Falco being the more of a tourer but using the same motor. I did find when riding them that first gear is a bit tall really needing to ride the cluch when starting or at super slo speed would recommed a sprocket change if buying one.
Mr. B!!!! howzit! Yep things are great here. The roads are unbelieveable long, uncrowed ( in the country )... road surface kinda sucks in some places, bumpy... Check out some of my posts & pics under "Cali" first impressions...

(Pacemaster thanx for the call lookin forward to hangin...)