Anyone's till running a ghetto turbo on their gen1?

I still have mine that I haven't put on my 99 yet. It is used but in great shape. Any negatives or positives about this kit? Stage 1 kit also


still have mine on my 2000 busa. bought the kit new from motorhead (dennis) @ 2002-2003 I think. mine has the wrap around up pipe. never had any problems with anything in the kit. the fuel pump, fmu, and everything else still works like it did when it was new. bike made 259.9rwhp on a dynojet dyno with a 10 psi spring in it on pump gas with water inj. and a .080 spacer. don't know if that's good, normal or bad. still makes riding it fun after all these years!
don't know whatever happened to motorhead? I quit riding and going to all busa forums for a couple of years and when I did get back into it, he was gone.
oh and I have nothing negative to say about anything in the kit.
That's my thoughts exactly got busa, but what programmer for it? I have the pc3 on it but I thought in the past they said its better to urn another


I bought a pc from motorhead with the map already loaded at the same time I bought the turbo kit from him. just plug n play. when I dynode the bike the a/f looked good. it took only minor tuning to get it perfect.


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What part of Texas are you in? Johnny Cheese is the tuning legend around these parts (Round Rock, TX), I'd get it put together and give him a call for his magic.. ;)
Corpus not too far from him. Ill have to call him up n get him to tune it or give me a good base tune till I can get up there. He's tuned my bike before or I got a tune from him years back


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Stage II ghetto turbo on mine (RCC), Intercooler, built by Dennis (Motor Head) in 2006. I am running the base map, Microtech, no Power Commander needed. Makes all kinds of HP, great system. Recently had it at Lee's for a tune and we tried a power commander, didn't see any real gains. I had injector issues because the bike sat unused for about three years. Had the injectors cleaned at MPS and it runs great.



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Anyone know what full exhaust will fit this kit? Don't really want the dumps

The problem you are going to have is with the main pipe coming off of the turbo. The older Garret turbos are positioned differently than the new turbos RCC sells. I am having the opposite problem, I want to get rid of my full exhaust and go to a dump pipe, but I will have to make my own dump pipe. The dump pipes Rich sells at RCC will bolt up to my turbo, but their positioning is different than the older dump pipes, and will look out of place compared to the waste gate pipe I have. You want them to be parallel. I am pretty sure my full exhaust will fit your setup.


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