any where to rent a bike in San Diego ?


I booked a trip to San Diego in February and wondered if anyone knew of any place that rented bikes. I am not a cruiser guy and can't get comfortable on them and don't want to rent one in a foreign city. I found a couple places online but they either want a minimum 2 day rental at 200$ a day or only rent cruisers. I'd like to find a couple sport touring bikes if possible.
Not in San Diego. But if ya wanna ride up here in nor cal there is a small business getting started. "Red bike rentals" mostly Ducati and some BMW. Not much help if ya don't wanna travel up here though. It's in Roseville ca I believe.
it's a suggestion, however in only flying in or a 3 day weekend. I'll keep it in mind though. I have some NorCal trips coming this year
Ask Pashnit; he once gave me a discount card for a guy that rents busa's on the west coast. And he had several GEN II's...
oh, awesome idea. the place posted above had some nice bikes. expensive but nice. I have always wanted to ride a GenII
PM sent to pashnit as we speak.
Give Lamb a heads up and he will show you around. Ive ridden in san diego and socal since 1986
I'm considering the 250 on that site. the wife is a little concerned we won't have time to do everything we wanna do if we rent bikes. working on that part. ???
Give Lamb a heads up and he will show you around. Ive ridden in san diego and socal since 1986

Dates would help a lot at this point. I could use a ride but the first weekend in Feb would be tough, after that I could be good, if you'd have me!
Ironically do ought it's the first weekend in February. We land Thursday afternoon and leave Sunday afternoon. I think the bike rental idea got shot down for cost reasons. by the time we rented suitable bikes the close to 600$ price gave for 2 of us is just too much for 1 day. I guess I'll just have to ride my own down there next time :laugh:
Id love to meet ya for lunch if you have interest. youll be near old town , point loma at some point. Lamb is right in the middle of it all.

Til then if interested. If not have a great time here in paradise. The maritime museums are fabulous and you have to get in the water while you are here. even if its just your toes