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Aloha from Chico California busa buddies, Kinda weird but fun being in a totally new location.

Update :
- Dial up sucks, but i'm on a budget now... nuff said
- Cal is great but pricey, rent in a valley town is over $1K per month for a 2-3bdrm. Gas is $2+ for regular! ( more than Hawaii )
- Everything is right down the street : ie; Wal mart, best buy, Starbucks, PEP boyz, target, pier1, in&out burger, multiple micro brewries!!! need I say more?
- Container of household goods & Busa arrives tomorrow!!!
- I rented a cute little 3bdrm house brand new $1k a month but had to run down to sears tonight cuz no appliances.

I have put on about 1000 miles this week on my truck mostly exploring and 1 trip to Tahoe for a quick snowboard trip found some great roads for riding allready but there seems to be a cop around every corner, hmmmmmmmmmm. I have not seen any Busa's up here but a few 1000's and 750's ... I will certainly be noticed in town I'm sure.  Like Jack Nicolson said in the Bat man movie ... " wait'll they get a load of me! "

Thinking of a new nickname now that I'm here... any idea's?
"Beast" crossed my mind or "transplant"

Catch ya later gang ... its gonna be an awesome summer!
right on bro,

get all settled then ride like theres no tomorrow.

don't worry about speed-this island is big!!!!!!


It's good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about the budget and dial up. But hey no more driving around a little island. Let the exploring begin. You are right there are some great roads around Lake Tahoe. I spent two weeks in Reno a couple of years back going to school. One weekend (another guy from work and myself) drove all the way around the lake. That would have been great on a bike.
You're only paying 1k for a 3 bedroom house?! 3 bedroom apartments are going for 1400 in my area. Houses are going for 2 grand. Buy a 3 bedroom house and you'll pay 250k, at least! The funny part is, they can't build 'em fast enough.
- Container of household goods & Busa arrives tomorrow!!![/QUOTE]
Is it there yet?
jwc man you have to give him a couple of days to answer with the dail up!

Whats up hawaii. Your getting closer but still a 30 + hr ride from my house.


Congrats on your move Hawaii. Seems like everything is going pretty good for you so far. Good Luck! Hey man, that CALI 5-OH sound good. That way you can still have a taste of home.


How about Barny, FOP, FOB, Houli (sp?) or one of those othere the Hawaiians seem to have for us mainlanders.