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Hiya Busa buddies! I am in Chico California baby! "open up that Golden gate..." Anyway all is well, and thanx to Lo for getting me squared away. She is the bestest!
I cruised up from the bay area on monday about 3hrs or so north. And I am about 100 miles north of Sacramento. Nice place of about 100K or so. I am in the northSac valley surrounded by a costal mt range and the sierra neveda mts. Should be some sweet rides this summer but my cousin says the CHP are around every turn. Especially since several deaths on bikes last year and last week a gixxer 1k rebel made the front page after evading the cops at 90mph + in town. So I think it maybe a bit dicey here ... hmmm not sure yet. Anyway aint seen 1 busa yet. It was 35 degrees here this a.m. but warmed up to 65 later in the day. This is really cool starting out in a new location. It's all good baby! zoom zoom! to be continued...
Welcome to Cali Maaan!
Welcome to Cali!! Glad your here! The parts are on the way. Lo should get them today and then she is going to mail them out to you! If you have any trouble with any of them give me a call and we will get the right stuff off to you. I think you will be happy.

Welcome to the land of the twisties!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Glad to see you made it and that you're already having a good time.
Howzit going Hawaii?
I'm still here living it up in Cotati. I've been watching the boards to see if you made it out here yet. If you still have my email address send me a note and let me know when you want to go for a ride. Also, I was looking for someone to ride down to Fontana CA. with me for the AMA races on April 4-6.
I would leave on the 4th or the 5th and come back on the 7th.
I'm open for any suggestions though. Anyway, good to hear from you and looking forward to riding with you!

Any of you other Busa maniacs interested in riding down to Fontana? I live by Santa Rosa, 60miles north of San Fran.
Always looking for new people to ride with!