Alarms and radar detectors

I know we've had this discussion before, but I need an alarm and a radar detector and couldn't find the thread... So whats are you'lls specific recommendations ?

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I use a beltronics 954i or something like that. Plus I use a stemstand from I went with that radar dectector because it is battery operated. I like it a lot!! It plugs right into my chatterbox so I don't have any worries about hearing it! Great set up. At least I think so...

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I got mine from I have talked with the guy and he seems to really know his stuff. He was absolute about avoiding " Rockymountain " brand detectors. I got the bel946i
and I use the helmet speaker. I havent had it alert to a real cop situation yet however.

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I am running the Valantine 1 with the remote display and earphone jack. Pricey setup, but it does work. The only think that sucks is that I do not use it every day because it is a "hassle". I am thinking of permanently hardwiring the Valantine in, but then I need one for my car too... Probably worth it though.

I just bought a Nady 200 alarm for my bike with pager off ebay. However, I am thinking of going to a Scorpio that has ignition kill and other tricks. A top of the Scorpio is around $300+ while the Nady 300 is a killer deal at around $170+.

Let us know what you do...


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Dezzy, save yourself some money and read this before you decide.
I've had most of the big dollar detectors and all work exceptionally well. Recently I tried the $145 PCI unit and have so far been pleased. Battery operated or corded your choice same unit. I also use the stem mount. Love the way it holds my detector and accessories. The Traveller can be found here,
Thanks KS that PNI is the best $4$ radar detector i've seen. Ranked right below the Valentine and Bel 985, and beat them in one catagory, and $150 -$250 less. Sounds like a sound investment.... and i found one for $129...maybe its a sign that i need to order it today hahahahhaha

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