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I'm running a PNI radar detector and STEM stand, got both for under $200. Best of all its cordless and tested Very Well! Read for yourselfs: http://www.speedzones.com/test2002new/test2002.htm
Oh yea, you can find the stands here:
and most important the detector itself! I own a passport 8500 and ran them side by side, the PNI never missed a stride. It cost roughly half the money as the big ticket names and performed nearly flawless in radar test. (laser was the only draw back) Of course its usually to late when it goes off anyway.
Hope this helps!
Thanks for the info. I need one, even on the FJR, I like going over a C note most of the time.
Very cool been needing one. Question is the audible loud enugh to hear or do you need to keep an eye on the little lights ?
Its pretty loud and they are way ahead of the game. They have a jack built in to accept headphones. The lights can be adjusted from very bright to no light at all. Although, as with most detectors you are unable to see the display in direct sunlight. Did I mention this was the only radar detector to detect the new pop (Bee) instant on radar gun! Also was invisible to the new spectre radar detector detector!
Just follow the links I provided above to read/learn about the PNI Traveller. For the money I don't think anyone will be disappointed. Yes there are better quality detectors available, but you will pay ($$$) for it. This detector performs as well or better than some of the ($$$) detectors. Just my thoughts and Their test (speedzones). Don't take my word for it..........Read the test reports and make a decision based on your thoughts. Happy speeding to all!
ks: that was pretty good report from speedzone.....and the pni did perform well and better then some. But it didn't do to well on the "over the hill detection test" and the "detection from behind test". Those is my main concerns. But overall, it scored well enough for me to purchase. Thanks for the info.

BTW, I emailed speedzone and inquired about any test being done using motorcycles. No reply yet. I'll keep yall info if I get anything back from them.
Yes I agree, but this isn't a real concern in Kansas! So food for thought if you live in a real hilly area. Also take into account no matter how good the detector your only as good as "your" reaction time to the alert! Having been a police officer I can tell you from experience that even the best detectors are only marginal against instant on/off guns. Most guns can give you a reading in just about the same amount of time it takes to squeeze the trigger. So beware! The more patient the officer is when using a radar gun, the more often they'll stop someone with a detector. I guess its that feeling of invincibility you get from a often reliable detector.
ks: Were the mounting brackets that came with the radar detector sufficient when using it for the busa?
Standard velcro or suction cup set-up. Even at this low of price I wouldn't take a chance.
Kerb, were using the same set-up! I highly recommend the STEM stand for all Hayabusa's. Well built, sturdy, should stand the test of time. Can be used for other applications as well (gps, cell phone, etc.)
I've got the Bel cordless too, I must be a cheapie cuz I found I could just velcro that baby right in the nose of the windscreen. I have had it about 6 mos. now and have yet to had it work in a real Cop situation...
hmmmmmm. I hope it works.

Here is the reply from speedzone concerning detecting motorcycles with radar and laser.

Quote. "Last year we did a motorcycle test published in American Iron, Oct 2001. The new radar and laser guns have no problem in targeting motocycles at 1/2 mile...Carl" Unquote.

That's all the info he gave, so I guess I need to find that old mag and read the article.

if you get the stem mount, I found that a small amount of bolt grease on the three o-rings will allow for easy removal. If you dont grease it can be a task to remove.