While in Daytona I finally got a radar detector. After surveying and checking the pros, cons, and cost of the major brands I settled on the PNI SENSORO. It was ranked 3rd behind the Valentine One and Bel 985, but was $100s less than either. Plus it beat both in some catagories. Cost $129.94...and you can even put it on lay-a-way at wal-mart lol
I shall not condone items used for illegal activities.....................DO YOU THINK THEY'LL
Are you guys using an earpiece to hear the detector or just mount it up high enuf to see it going off. I would prefer to hide it low so if Im busted its not visible. My street/drag car was that way and Ive gotten out of a few tickets...if they saw the detector I would have been screwed. Howd I get pulled over in my car? drag racing and going by cops sitting in parking lots, no radar on DOH!
It has an aux input for a speaker or headset. I used it coming back from daytona and it seemed to perform well (no tickets). And when ever it went off there was usually a cop down the road. However, there were some false alarms caused by other radar dectors in the area, but you can adjust for htat but i need to read the instructions for that lol.
I have a Collete headset that takes input. I also saw someone who makes an led light that you put in your helmet. It is wireless too.
Hey Discreet,
I wanted to know how much did you pay for your collete and where did you get it. One more thing which model did you get.
Just like they said, I have an aux. input! Works great, although I had to adapt the mini plug on the detector to hook up this way.