Alabama vs Arkansas


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This game was a joke! Alabama had 2 chances to win the game with a fielf goal but their kicker kicked wide right both times... and kicked the game losing extra point in overtime wide right!!! That's just poor coaching right there to let that same guy keep kicking when the game is on the line. Even the announcers couldn't understand why their normal kicker could do kickoffs but was "too injured" for field goals! The coach (shula) should have made him kick when it mattered most! Today, AL's kicker was something like 1 for 5!!! That's ridiculous!!!

And... Shula kept using the exact same play on every 1st down by using Darby for runs... and was stopped pretty much every single time!

No more "roll tide roll" this year... more like "roll over tide roll over"!!!

Don Hardcastle

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Hey Pan,

That game went down just 9 miles from my house. Look at the other side. The game was won by TRUE freshman. I will agree that Shula should have played it a little differently, but it was a good game.


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