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Well, besides burning up all day while standing on a football field taking action shots of a youth "jamboree" (yawn!)... it was kinda cool.

I got to meet Tyrone Prothro (Alabama Crimson Tide receiver), who was considered one of the top collegiate athletes until he broke his leg in a game vs Florida (AL won) in 2005. He also won the ESPY award for best play of the year. He's still in recovery, and on crutches and wearing a black boot cast now. He was at the jamboree to support Heflin, AL youth football... and he's got a relative (cousin or young brother - not sure because I didn't ask) playing for Heflin (where he's from). If you know anything about college football, Alabama is like a pro team for people living in Alabama... they eat, drink, sh** Crimson Tide football! Well, right now he's probably their biggest star even though he's out pending further rehab. So it was cool to meet him. I've become a big Tide fan since moving to AL. Plus... I love college football! Always have! I only watch/follow the NFL during playoff time.

After burning up all day, I got back to my town and rode around some and to get a bottle of liquid courage, some KFC, and some smokes... and saw a blue Busa on the road. The guy gave me an enthusiastic wave (and of course... I waved back! DUH?). I couldn't really make out the year he had, though. I know for sure it was not an 06. And he DID have on a riding jacket and gloves. I had on jeans, long sleeve shirt, and a backpack... but didn't wear gloves on this ride (sorry!).

I'm posting this out of boredom... and because I just wish ALL Busa owners would be at this site! If so, I'd be in contact with the few Busa owners in my area... and maybe we could hook up for some rides/stories.

PS: This is funny.....

Ok, while at the youth football jamboree in Ohatchee, AL today, I want out into the parking lot between games to grab a smoke after pretty much every game.... and this guy pulled up in a gixxer. I'm not Dr. Gixxer so I can't always make out the cc's. I thought it was a 1k but he had a 750. I had my bike parked in the middle of the lot... where everyone could see (not by choice to show off, though... just happened). The gixxer guy and a few of his friends were over by my bike so I stepped over there. I had no reason to go to my bike at that time, but I did just so I could meet those guys. When I got to my bike I went into the hump to pull out an extra pack of smokes (even though I didn't need them... that just gave me a legit reason to go over there!). And yeah... we all started talking. And I could tell 30 seconds into the conversation that that 750 rider was a total squid... along with his buddies. They just talked about stunts! I was into the talk because I like stunts, but then that gixxer moron actually challened me to a wheelie contest! I laughed and said, nah. I told him I didn't buy a Busa for wheelies, I bought it for speed. Of course, he snapped back and said we should race. I saw his bike... no obvious mods.... and could see he had the stock exhaust, etc. I'm actually getting very good at launching my bike (been practicing a lot just in case the situation presents itself on the road vs some a-hole in a stang or vette) so I was up for a race. I was dressed sort of like a yuppie (jeans, polo shirt for work) so I think my "look" gave him a reason to think I was just some guy who couldn't ride at all and got the bike just to pose!!! I told him after I was finished with the shoot there I'd race him on the main road (in Ohatchee) just to compare our bikes. I was serious. He then started talking and joking about how we should set up a time on some other roads in the mountains, bla bla bla. I then told him that I'm not into racing my bike, but will do it in the heat of the moment on the road if the urge hits me and I wasn't going to set up a "time and place, etc". He was cool and all and finally said something like "those busas are fast but ya can't do stunts". I told him I like to go fast and respect stunters for their skill, but I'd rather pass them on the highway. I also told him I liked his bike (which was true because I do love the gixxers... but bought a busa anyway!). I had to get back on the field for the next game. That was that.

See... Saturdays in Alabama can be interesting....... (so many Harley/cruisers here in this state, though! i must have seen 40 today and that's just taking normal roads. and yeah... i'd say 8/10 waved to me... THEY MUST HAVE READ MY POST ON THE HD FORUM! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!)


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Dude, I recall you mentioning something about you moving to SoCal, when?
War Eagle!

Let us know when you head back.. I am due for a visit to Nelson for some pupusas in Pacoima, CA or we could just hit that Jack 'n the Box down in South Central Los Angeles...




Yo, I've been to South Central on many UNwanted ocassions.... but it was cool! I actually had to go to Watts to return my Penske truck when I first moved out to LA. I was scared, because of the movies.... but if you go there... no biggie. It's just another area.... whoop-tee-doo!!!

I had a joke... but I won't say it!!! (even though it's old)

Still.... I'm all about following the rules (on the org... not on the road!!! LOL!!!).

ADDED IN EDIT: I remember going through SC LA when I had to return of supplies for this company I worked for... and yes... it had a bunch of white guys there! See... that was strange. You'd expect black men (african americans) in SC LA... but I didn't see th at, there... so the stereotype was just a hype and not in "stereo"!

I guess movies and music influence us way too much....

South Central LA isn't some gang-ridden area! IF you go riding/driving through there you're not going to get shot at! That's absurd!!!!

Bad people deal with bad people... that's that! No matter what part of town/city they're in. If you're on the level and good, those bad "people" won't consider dealing with you.... because you're not a customer or an enemy.

I've been asked to buy drungs in Hollywood at Tommy Burgers on Hollywood Blvd/Wilcox... etc.... but I never gave in. I just was nice... said "what's what" and went about my merry way...

That's how you live in da jungle baby!!!

Oh, my gahhhd.... I wanna hear "welcome to the jungle" right now....

But.... too drunk to find my cd casess............................. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

cya all sunday night/monday!

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Getting back on "topic"...

"whatever that topic was...." >>>>>

I guess it was about my Saturday and NOT about South Central Los Angeles!!! LOL!!!!
dude- you have got to be the ONLY guy I know that gets lit, then posts msgs on the're like an internet drunken disorderly
when i drink.... i DRINK.............. i knowwww............................. binger!!!!!!!!!! me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but....... no children were injured while I was drinking and typing!!!!!!!!!!
and no org members, either!!!!!!!
But, yo... I always ride safely at 145mph!!!! hehehehehe!!!!!!!!!

Who doesn't?
Hmm....I just made a run to White Castle, now I can use a beer...naaa....Manhattan
Kinda makes me wish I'd jumped in here last night for all the PUI fun!