AFR / controllers


Seem like there is now allot of ways to control/view AFR and tie into units like Power Commanders. I am looking for advise/reviews on peoples set ups on Gen 1 Busa turbo bikes. I purchaced a Power Commander 5 with the Auto tune and LCD-200. The auto tune appears to be an open loop system that learns and can build a map to optimize your curves and settings. If you read their site its the best thing since sliced bread but everyone claims that about their product. I will mostly be running the bike on the street and occassionally at the track. Reading some reviews it sounds like the auto tune is a waste of money and does not react fast enough with a turbo. Has anyone used this set up and had luck or bad experiences.
While researching I ran across a product from Dobeck Performance, their Gen 4 afr system is a closed loop system that can adjust on the fly as you ride. No mapping to comb through then inport into your PC. Below is the link to the product. Has anyone used this product, its pretty new to the market.
I can still return what I currently have so I am trying to see what experience people have and go from there. I appriciate any help.
Your absolute best bet is to get a good tune, and not have to worry about any of that.

Your right, autotune does not react fast enough to be a viable option. The only time autotune has a use on a turbo bike is when your doing part throttle tuning on the street which is actually very helpful. But that's about it.

If your competent at tuning just run a data logger, and make changes after a pull. But like I said earlier, your best bet is just to get it on a dyno.
Thanks for your input. I have the LCD-200 which can datalog for me. I guess I can mostly just use the auto tune as basically just an afr then, correct
If you have a data logger, why not just run a wideband driver and run it in to your logger box? Would probably be cheaper then the dynojet stuff.
Thats a good option. As part of this whole controller issue, I have heard both good and bad about adding a Bosch 3 bar map sensor in your plenum and connect into the 5 volt analog input on the PC 5. Have you done this or have any input?
Those systems are for only minor changes at the track AFTER the bike has had a complete map already built. If you try and start from base with one of those systems and map a Turbo bike you are going to seriously melt stuff...
Thanks for the heads up. I have the map and the power commander 5 from the bike that this turbo was installed on. Running basically the same fuel system, etc so I am guessing it will be a good start for the tuner to start from.