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hi guys. Long time lurker here. Never really needed to post because ive been able to find everything i needed through a good forum search, but i need some ideas. First my set up: I have a 3 wheel vehicle that i have been building. It utilizes a GEN I motor, with a 14b running through a vortech SFMU 12:1, 4 psi 44mm WG, with a bazzaz auto tune unit and fuel control. My problem has now come with tuning options. 1st problem is there is no dyno remotley close, 2nd is the even the closest one isnt set up to dyno a vehicle with 2 front, 1 rear wheel configuration. Towing is not really an option yet either. Any ideas on using the bazazz to at least get me in the ball park for now. One suggestion, was to run it without the turbo, use the bazzaz auto tune to set it pretty rich, then put the turbo on and slowly lean out the AFR. The general concesuss is that with only 4 psi assuming no creep (crossing fingers), i should be able up to come up with a nice little base map that should be able to get me at least runnning somewhat safely until i can find a suitable tune. any thoughts?



Read up on the turbo section on here and you will see that there is no getting around or winging it when it comes to tuning a turbo busa. You need a dyno and you need a competent tuner or it won't be a matter of if but rather when stuff goes bad :whistle: don't know where you live but i'd rather spend a few hundred to haul it to a guy who knows exactly what to do than guess and hope for the best after you put in all that time and $$$


thaks for the replies guys. Im well aware of the need for a proper tune. im sure you know most turbo kits usually come with a base map. this is usually just to get the bike running so you can then get a proper tune. i have no base map, which is basically what im trying to accomplish. so i can then get it to a dyno. im having a ***** of time getting pics uploaded. i really dont know the dynos that well, but i dont think you can run just one drum on a car dyno, and even if i could, one of the front wheels would be off the platform.


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You will most likely need to find someone willing to modify, temporarily, their bike dyno.

I have a theory on running the bike without being dyno'd but it would be by using the base map and very low settings on everything else except fuel. Push as much fuel as possible.

The key with any turbo is not to lean it out. With the three wheel setup I am not sure just how much hp you really need. I would keep it minimal, unless you just want bragging rights. You aren't actually going to run that thing 200mph are you?

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