Adjustable lowering link question...

aka Danksy

I have what I believe is the roaring toys lowering links on my 04 busa.

Not 100% because they came with the bike but if they are not roaring toyz they are an extremely close knock off

either way, can these links be adjusted back to stock height??? or do I have to purchase the stock dog bones to get the rear end back where I want it
Are they 3 hole? If they are, you will most likely need to get some stockers, at least that was the case with me. If you try to put the bolt back into the shortest distance hole, the end of the dog bones hit the shock support and will not allow pivot.
Have some one measure a stock set of links from hole to hole. Then make your adjustable go to that length (hole to hole) or come close to that. In your case shorting the links as short as far as they go will raise the bike back up.
I have Soupys adjustable lowering links and stock height is obtained by adjusting them as short as they will go. If you need stock dog bones put a "wanted" ad on here and a member will probably send you a set for just the shipping cost.
Be a good idea to find out what brand they are an find out the safe limits for adjusting. I doubt I can find my stockers have had them off forever now :down: