A Word to the wise.


The first busa I bought was a used (640 mi) silver/grey 2002. Second day I had her the starter ground down to powder and cracked the case. I got lucky and the owner gave a a brand new 2002 black/blue off the showroom floor for 200 dollars more. Now I work for Tucson Motorsports and I get the inside poop. There is a recall for the starter clutch in the 2002 busa. If any of you have noticed a significant "clunk" when trying to start your 2002 busa. Be very careful. What is happening is the compression being so high, the starter is being turned backwards when you are trying to turn it forwards. I have all the parts ordered on a repair order free of charge from suzuki. You can do the same. Go to your dealer and tell them that sometimes when you start her that you hear and feel a big "clunk" like the starter is being thrown backwards and that you have heard there is a recall on the starter clutch of the 2002 busa. They will order all new parts including the starter to fix this problem. The 2003 has a starter gear 3 times as massive and incorporates a torque limiter so if the engine tries to shoot backwards the starter clutch wil slip instead of cracking the casing. I think captain should pin this to the top for a time so it does not get buried in the threads.


I can post the exact numbers of the recall and every part needed to be replaced if anyone has some problem with their dealer.

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I am the Warranty Administrator(among other things) at an auto dealership. Recalls like that are only accepted as long as the Authorized Dealer does the recall. Are you saying that your dealership is ordering them for the customers and giving the starter to them? Or are you saying if you hear that noise, get the recall done NOW, before anything breaks??