A new '03 Busa owner!


Hi to all,
I am somewhat new to posting, but have been reading the site for about 6 months, have posted a few times.

Well after about a year of investigating, I finally purchased a  new '03 Black/Silver Busa on Firday.

Went with a friend and put about 350 miles on the bike this week-end criss-crossing the Sierra passes between Yosemite and Tahoe CA. Once I got the first 100 miles on the bike and the tires scrubbed we really got into the twisties. Did not have a problem staying under the 5500 rpm per owners manuel. Had more than enough power available under that rpm for our ride.
Great bike handeled just like everyone said. Got a few comments on the bike, "now that's all meat", "1300-WOW!"
My friend rides a mint 1988 Honda hawk 650, a very FUN bike. So with a Busa and an older mint Hawk we got a lot of attention.  

Just wanted to thank all of you for the information that has been given on this board. I look forward to obtaining more and more info as the days go by.
Ride safe and thanks again
Now onto the mods!!!!
Excellent. :)

I'm hoping to get more riding time this week to put some miles on mine. I had all kinds of free time til I bought 'er. Now it seems that my schedule stays full. Maybe it's time to burn some of that vacation time that I've been saving. :cool:
Congratulations on the Busa and if I haven't already said it Welcome to the board.