72k for a new Ducati Desmosedici 200hp

Holy shid that dude is loaded ! I always like " that dude has more money than sense "
Yeah, Cycle World has already ridden the thing, and it truly is as close as one can get to owning a real MotoGP bike.  And it's not just the 200+ horsepower; it's the light weight and incredible handling that puts it at the top of the food chain.  

And even if you had $72K, you couldn't buy one--they were all sold before Ducati started production in October 2007.
A buddy just sold one the other day to a 27 year old here local,and has more if ya got the $72k.
it's not overpriced. It's a darn close replica of an actual motoGP bike. Aside from HP, you're getting the best handling components, race ready bodywork, a 200 rear Bridgestone racing tire made exclusively for the Desmo, an onboard laptimer that utilizes GPS trackmaps (no transponder and Infrared beacons needed), and more. Just a full on race ready package suited mainly for the roadrace/Ducati conneisseur or collector.

One of the instructors for Freddie Spencer's riding school and columnist for Cycle World rode the Desmo at Miller Motorsports Park and was VERY IMPRESSED with the power delivery, handling, and how scary close it is to an actual MotoGP bike. He still said, that with MMP's elevation, the Desmo's top speed on the 3700 ft straight was still a few MPH down on the AMA superbikes--but not by much.
and gtrpimp, could ya please tell the audience what a REAL MotoGP bike costs?
He won't do it but I will
 Here is Cblast's Duc. not exactly the same but I bet you can't tell in the twisties
thanks bud! Ya know, there are certain aspects to my busa that I miss a whole lot, like the effortless, smooth, almost scary way it made high speed feel. There is something to be said for being able to hit corners at the speeds I can attain now though. It is a lot of fun to almost effortlessly pass other bikes on the outside through a turn. My buddies and I have a section of road that is devoid of life, blocked off by a construction company years ago, about 4 miles long, and it is like a drug going out there and railing that bike around! The Duc requires constant attention and focus, but rewards in ways that are hard to describe. I will own another Busa, but only after have been able to pay off the Duc. What I am hoping for is a predominantly black '09 model to park in the garage beside Isabella.

I suppose it's all relative but what amazes me about my busa is the amount of precision engineering and performance one can get for 6K (used 04). I mean compared to other things, 6k is nothing and man the pleasure it brings me.....
It is a pretty bike. But I for one do not care for Duc.
I wonder how much cash would it take a GSX1K
to get close to a MotoGP bike.
Including the price if the bike.
and gtrpimp, could ya please tell the audience what a REAL MotoGP bike costs?  
at least $1 point-something million +/- $100,000. And  that's just for the smaller "satellite" teams with little factory backing. The big guys: Repsol Honda, Fiat Yamaha, Ducati Desmosedici, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and Rizla Suzuki pour in much more extensive R&D dollars just to out do their competitors. The electronics alone are staggering.
.   Still, I'd turbo a GIX1000 before springing that cash
That would be fun.

But I could do without the boost lag. you wouldn't wanna ride that on the track or the twisties, leaned over or near full lean, then all of a sudden.....BOOOOOSSSTTT! Holy highside Batman!!

But you never now nowadays with the advent of Traction Control. If there was a way to tame a boosted beast with some sort of traction controls while in the corners, now that would be the ultimate.
I can't believe that Ferracci doesn't have one yet, although I saw one at the NYC cycle show last year.

As for selling out, I knew I heard it from somewhere, which was Ducati's website. Good marketing:

Every single one of the 1500 Ducati Desmosedici RR bikes, the first true MotoGP replica which the Borgo Panigale manufacturer decided to produce in a limited number, has been sold. Following the conquest of Ducati's recent MotoGP title by Casey Stoner, the race was on to purchase the last remaining bikes available.

Reservations for the Desmosedici RR have been accepted via the official Ducati dealer network since 2 June 2006. Production of the 1500 limited edition motorcycles began in October 2007 and first deliveries are reserved to 999R owners who placed their Desmosedici RR order before 30 September 2006. Production of all remaining orders will be completed by December 2008.
I like it but I'd rather buy a car , another busa , a vacation ..... and still have cash left !