60 HP for $549.00


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I came across this the other day........
Cost less than the HP you get from adding an exhaust system. But, I wonder how streetable it is? What's everyones take on this?
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Only my girlfriend can imagine what another 60 HP between my legs would do . Seriously i cant imagine as I havent been able to tap what I have so far!
you would be better off with a kit you built yourself and a PC instead of that joke of only richens fuel box that they sell
you can get that from any dry NOS system. You just need someone that can do a good tune. 26hp to 60hp nozzles. Start off small. lots of good kits out there. Schniz racing and more. You do not need all the fancy contolers either. you could just set to give a hit when full throtle. and a switch (horn botton) and a toggle on off.