99-07 busa hp increase to match 08's

Recipe for 190 rwhp on my 99:

stock bore, stock pistons
Lees ported head, shaved for a slight bump in compression
bored throttle bodies
intake cam mod
Full Akra exhaust
Small box mod
BMC filter

It wont take that much to equal the 172-175ish of the 08. My 99 made 178 with the Akra, cam mod, small box mod, BMC filter and tuning.
that 198 is crank power which will be mid to upper 170's at the wheel.

you can do that fairly easy for under $2000 if you are patient and look for used parts.

Good full system Akra, TiForce, HMF Big Bird, BDE GENIII, etc
Cams (aftermarket will give you a few more ponies over two intake cams)
All four short stacks
Power Commander
BMC Race filter
Good tune
PAIR removal

This shoudl put you high 170's if degreed right with a good map, low 180's in a strong bike.

The thing to remember though is that new bike should have more low/mid power and torque. We'll have to wait and see what the real world numbers are though.
(Tybalt71 @ Jun. 27 2007,11:18) Sorry just to clarify: I have 200 RWHP with my set -up, stock bore
I thought he wanted 198hp to the wheel, not at the crank. That makes things a bit easier.
JE 13:1 dropin (stock bore),
web 378/330 cams,
cleaned up heads,
Carpenter valvesprings (60#)
Ape Super heavy duty clutch springs (only using 3)
hmf highmounts (duals),
93 octane