36 degrees and sunny - perfect riding weather... for this time of year


Didn't ride for a few days, and it's gonna get nasty for the next couple of days here on the North East, so I had to go. Packed layers as I always do during cold season. Wasn't too bad. I'll tell you one thing - there is more traction in cold and dry than in warm and wet. Another good thing - no bugs splash on my faceshield. For some strange reason, I didn't see any other bikes. :dunno:
Finally someone else as crazy as I am. I live in Vancouver Canada and we only have snow for maybe 1-2 weeks a year. I have ridden below freezing and even in the snow. I never see anyone else out there either. it's good to know I'm not the only crazy mofo in the world :thumbsup:
While it doesn't get NEAR as cold down here, it does get cold, and for us 40's are pretty cold. Saturday the rain had let up and it dried out so I went for a ride in a 45º, cloudy chill. Didn't come across any other bikes. Almost all of the "bikers" I know will NOT ride in any kind of unpleasant weather. If you wear the right gear, I really enjoy a brisk ride. :thumbsup:
4 some reason even with expensive azz gortex cold weather riding gloves my right thumb goes numb in sub 40 degree temps?? Only the right 1 for some reason so I can't be out for more than 45mins or so
I live in Southern Ontario. And every year on the 30th of December (my birthday) if theres no snow on the road, I take her out for an hour or so.

I love the cold!!:thumbsup: