Good riding weather here in sunny California


I'm so glad I moved from Miss. little over a year ago. Aw man a few days ago 73 deg and super sunny, rode all afternoon. I hurt like a mother, but man I just couldn't go home, smiling from ear to ear looking at the tall mountains, not thinking of Miss. one bit you hear me!! This coming Monday, 70 plus again.

Done my research about California City for two years before I moved. Far from earthquakes, no wild fires or landslides as I live in whats called the high desert. I can ride still at 100deg in summer where I choked to death in the south at 85 with the sticky high humidity. I looked at weather maps for past 2 years and all throughout the winter, there would be a string of days 70-75 on a regular basis. I said yeah man this is a bike riders paradise and it is man I tell you.

There's Mulholland dr, the snake over close to Los Angeles, which I can get to in 1-1/2 hours even with heavy traffic as lane splitting is legal here, hoo boy love dat yeah man, something new for me aww yeah. Angeles crest, another very long and windy road like the snake in the east. Then there's highway 178 going through Lake Isabella and the the Sierra mountains. Literally 30 miles of curves close together. Exhausting doing only half but loads of fun. The mountains in some places are so close to the road, you could slap it with your hand.

The reason I'm writing this is not to make anyone jealous or brag. I want you to come move here so we can ride together. literally hundreds of times in Miss, in summer, I would gear up to go ride and hit a thunder storm. On a cruiser that may be ok, but on leaner bike, NOT. Dry one minute, come into a curve, then all of a sudden, oops, wet, slipping almost losing control. Crap time to go home.

Yeah I know high taxes. Well the license plates in Miss. were $900 for my tundra, 350 for car and 350 for 3 bikes. Here in CA, 300 for tundra, 120 car and about 159 for all 3 bikes. House insurance in Miss, was 160 a month, here in CA, $55 The extra taxes that I'll pay in CA equals the money that I paid out in just stinking license plate fees. Auto and bike insurance is $100 a month cheaper, probably due to non insured cars. I was scared to death to drive or ride there as about 40% of cars didn't have ANY insurance and those cars tail gated about 1-2 feet behind you. Having to have insurance was the law, but was not enforced. You could still get license plate w/o insurance. It was very easy to tell the ones as they didn't care.

So, do i miss the south? NOPE! Miss the good food there though and that yogurt at Racetrack gas stations, none of those here. I saw meth heads all over the place in Miss. I'm sure they're here too, but I don't see them. A bad thing here is traffic tickets. I kid you not, a stop sign, $1000 along with speeding 20 over, it's crazy high. That's in city limits, don't know about rest of state. Gas is $2.79 at Loves and has been for a year, diesel is $3.29, propane is $4.30 a gallon ouch and that's for 120 gallons at a time. Phew, why in the heck did I just write all this?? Bored I guess. If you don't like it move on and if you do, tell us what's so good and bad about your area, speed safely friends, yeee hawwww.
Wish I could ever get my bike back down that way so I could take you up on that ride.
This is why I love Florida, we have a cold snap here at 65 now but usually in the 70s. I had a great ride the other day to Gainesville and Ocala while it was 72.
Some say "Oh but its flat", yeah but what is the elevation at Road Atlanta? And I just hate running into mountain walls :firing:.
We also have no income tax :lol: and a citizen friendly government, unfortunately that attracts the occasional OJ, but that's a small price overall.
Please do ! ! !


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4360 Palm Avenue,
San Diego, CA.
Ok then, I'll trailer my bike over there one weekend and ride with you guys. thanks for the socal riders forum link, never knew it existed!!
Keep it coming, tell us what's good and bad about your area!! Tell us gas prices, house prices and all even crime, but most of all keep it honest!!