24 Volt start - THANKS ICEMANSID!!!


I have to give huge props to ICEMANSID. Top notch quality and excellent help at every turn, even gave me his personal phone number just incase I ran into any problems hooking it up so I wouldn't have to wait for a PM!!

Extremely easy to hook up, only had a couple questions. However, any of you who know me know that I am super OCD and cautious, the questions were more for my piece of mind then anything.

The reason for changing to a 24 volt start was due to the 1441cc kit not cranking well when it was warm, sometimes I would have to wait about 30 minutes for the engine to cool down before it would crank. That's even with the 325 cca Shorai battery. Now when it turns over I would compare it to the way the engine turns if you take the plugs out. Even when its warm there is no hesitation in turning or cranking.

Here is a link to my Facebook page, its a video so you can hear it turn over. I shut it off and crank it twice.


I am sure it is harder on the starter to have 24 volts when its made for 12, however, no longer than it takes to crank I would say you wouldn't do damage unless you held it for 5+ seconds. If it takes longer than 2 something is wrong. I know old cars with 6 volt systems can be changed over, and the starters usually don't have any issues unless you hold them for several seconds causing them to heat up.

The best part about ICEMANSID's kit is the second battery is charged by the bike, unlike the one you buy where you pay more money have to deal with switches for 12v or 24v and charge the 2nd battery separately! This way its all done in the relay!

Oh and I received the relay 2 days after paying, talk about fast shipping. Anyone having trouble starting or heck just wanting to do an amazing mod needs to hit up ICEMANSID for his 24 volt start relay its amazing!




Glad it worked out for you. I rode mine 650+ miles to the Sturgis Bike Rally without a single issue. Great pics!
Good deal. Nice looking piece.
Tell me though is the side cover still getting super hot?

No, I pulled the motor again and found I had an oil passage partially blocked that fed oil to the transmission bearings. Luckily they still got enough oil to not damage the bearings. The oil pan and clutch cover are about the same temps, they do get warmer then I remember however it is a new engine so everything is much tighter then before with 63k miles
Hi I am in need of a 24v wiring kit, Is Icemansid still about and is he still selling this kit.