2013 SPIDI XP-3 BOOTS ? Any thoughts?

My bike is on the way...hopefully by Friday..so I'm trying to get some gear together. I ordered a pair of
ALPINESTARS OCTANE S-MOTO gloves and now I'm looking at boots. Most of my riding will be on the street, but I do plan to mix in some track days. I'm very safety conscious...but not really comfortable spending 4-5 hundred dollars for the boots. It's probably smartest to buy according to worse case scenario (best boots)...but I'm wondering where you can draw the line? Anybody have these? They get great reviews from Revzilla...but they are trying to sell them..so you know how that goes. What's the best bang for the buck in your opinion? (These go for about $200). Thanks..



I would recommend the vortice.
But I think you should visit a store that sells boots and try a few on before you decide...

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