2009 Dallas Cowboys Community Quarterback Award

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From: Robbins, Emily [mailto:xxxxxx@DallasCowboys.net]
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 4:58 PM
To: Flink, Paige H.
Subject: 2009 Dallas Cowboys Community Quarterback Award

Hi Paige! I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday break! I have some very good news to share with you! Your 2009 Dallas Cowboys Community Quarterback Award Nominee – Clinton Perry Turner III – has been selected by our panel as our WINNER this year. With this award, Family Place will receive a $10,000 grant from Gene and Jerry Jones Family Charities. Pete will receive a keepsake trophy and the wonderful honor of being selected as the 2009 DALLAS COWBOYS COMMUNITY QUARTERBACK. And, for nominating Pete, you get the honor of sharing the good news directly with him!

Traditionally, we have tried to do two things in announcing the winner. One is a press announcement at Valley Ranch with the winner, a representative from the nominating charity and Charlotte Jones Anderson with our media that covers the team. The second has been a public announcement on-field during a pre-game presentation in front of all Dallas Cowboys fans – after this Sunday, we will know if we will have this option should we get to host a playoff game at Cowboys Stadium. All the planning will be done EARLY next week, as we will learn more about our playoff fate after Sunday’s game.

Don’t know when you will retrieve this message but I look forward to speaking with you on Monday, January 4th and CONGRATULATIONS!

Happy New Year!

Emily Cruz Robbins

Director of Community Relations and Alumni Affairs

Dallas Cowboys Football Club

One Cowboys Parkway

Irving, Texas 75063

xxx-xxx-xxxx office

xxx-xxx-xxxx cell


Root for the Cowboys this weekend for me!!!! I'm a diehard Steelers fan, but how cool would it be to get an award on the field of a playoff game??? I volunteer at a local battered women's shelter here in Dallas. I do everything from simple data entry to working with the children of victims of domestic violence in group counseling sessions. This Christmas I coordinated an Angel Tree program at my city and we delivered two full-sized panel vans full of toys to a local safety campus. I also started a Santa Cop program where I visit kids in the shelter as a blue police officer Santa. The last experience these kids had with police officers were usually very traumatic considering dad was arrested and taken to jail. Santa Cop presents a non-threatening law enforcement figure for these kids to warm back up to. I'm hoping to bridge that gap between these children and police officers.

Needless to say, such a lofty award is quite a humbling honor!