2003 Suzuki paint recall.


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I have been thinking about getting the ole Bus' a fresh coat of paint lately becuase I noticed that the underside of my plastics were gettin' pretty beat up (yes I'm VERY anal).

There's a local shop that does very nice custom paint work near me. http://www.xtremekreations.com They do 100k choppers to sportbikes to custom cars.

I had a brief conversation with the owner today and he mentioned that 03' was the worst year Suzuki had for paint. He also mentioned that he recently had a guy bring his 03' Busa back to the dealer and got newer 03' plastic because the paint was failing all over.He's not sure if it were just under warranty or a recall had already been issued. He did say that every 03' Suzuki he has seen had this problem. Now I know it's happening under my bike, but my Busa is under a year old and just turned 4000mi on the clock. It's also very well maintained.

Anyway I was thinkin' to go all black with stock SE decals, but add a carbon fiber tank and hump from http://catalystracingcomposites.com
any comments or suggestions would be apprieciated.

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I took my 2003 anniversary edition back to the dealer after only about 1000 miles because the paint along all the leading edges was chipping to an extent which I thought was very excessive. I have paint chipping all over the front fender, front nose piece, leading edge of both side fairings, and even along the SIDE of the fairings near the kanji symbols. They didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary??? Needless to say I haven't been back to them. If I can find out about some recall about the paint, then I will be headed back for sure. Does anybody know where to go to find out about and recall of this nature.


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Call Suzuki USA. The dealer isn't going to give up any $$ unless he has to.


My '03 seems to be fine. I only have small chips on the underside behind the front wheel and on the small rear under-wing. Nothing out of the ordinary on mine.


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My 03 seems to be fine so far. 5000 miles and no chips so far. Mabye, hopefully, I one of the lucky ones.


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All the paint on my 03 fairing burned up on reentry. NASA is sending me special Busa-shaped heat resistant tiles



In canada it seems like the 03 black limited edition ones were having paint problems, knew of one guy with one where the paint was flaking up at lower corner gas tank seam and rust popping through got it fixed under warranty, when i was looking for a busa this past fall came across a black one in the dealership looked in the same area and the paint looked very thin and said screw it and bought the silver one for some reason the paint and finish seem way better, though the black one is very nice!

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