2003 Busa stalling at first morning clutching


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I have 2003 Busa with 1070 miles on it now. most mornings when I first take off after just starting in 1st, when I clutch in ready to break for my first stop, the engine will stop or stall. I allow about a minute of choke max on start up, and then let it warm up while I inspect it and put on all my gear. Then I sit it strait up and watch the clock for another minute before taking off. Am I not allowing enough warm up time still? Seems to run fine otherwise, it's just that first stop that seems to stall it. My idle is usually 8-900ish. Is that typical. That's all the time not just warm up. I don't have a service manual yet.

Also there is this high pitched whistle sound, kinda quiet, but it's there. Been there since I bought it, hasn't changed since break in and only noticeable while standing still. Is that normal for anyone else?
The high pitch whine is the fuel pump.

As far as warm up goes. When I bought my 2002 the shop owner said 3 minutes at least and that it was important to get it to operating temp. This was in Japan at a well known shop.

Also check the kick stand switch, it maybe loose.

Don't know about the whistle but the idle should be around 1100rpm.
Thanx guys for your info. So it's a NORMAL whistle sound from the fuel pump or should I have it serviced?
The whistling is the fuel injectors priming.....and your idle is too low......check out your owners manual......
yea what the other guys said about idle it's to low,and does the whistle change pitch when flipping on brights ? my stator makes a whistling noise when cold.
yes, revving or electrical changes like highbeam does seem to affect the whistle sound. odd.

Stalled again this morning - twice on me! After accellerating hard in second and clutching in before braking up to a stop, rpms drop all the way to ZERO. Quick clutch pop got it going again since I was rolling but, I'm not impressed. BUT, I didn't do a five minute warm up like usual this morning and should have. More like 2 minutes. Thanks again for all the advice and knowlege
Will do! Turning up this weekend. I am still having the stall problems, but it HAS TO BE warm up related. It's fine after a few more minutes - oddly, wasn't a problem until after my 600 mile checkup. It's HARD to just SIT THERE on a busa for 5 minutes while warming up, but, alas, the pros outweigh the cons in a BIG way.
Tested this AM and it works much better with the idle set right. Set the idle, solid 3-4 minute warm-up, rode normal with no stalling.