Bike Stalls, but....


Okay here are the facts:

After the bike has reached operating temp, she will stall at most, but not all stop lights and stop signs. Basically, if i let off the throttle at a complete stop she will stall. (especially if i blip the throttle) Here is what i have done in the past few weeks.

Brocks full race street megaphone
power commander w/brocks street map
pair valve removed completely
air box mod
K&N filter.

My though is that the idle needs to be bumped up just a little?

Thanks in advance
yes maybe the idle or you could checkt o make sure your tps switch is in the correct position
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throttle position sensor?

how? whats the correct position?

take it to dealer mode there is a white plug under the front seat with a black cap on it, should have 2 wires. start the bike then put a paper clip jumping the 2 wires together then look on your top screen there will be a line on the left side if its in the middle its ok if its not you need to adjust your tps until it is, your tps is on the left side of the throttle bodies i think its the top screw is the adjuster