16t installation


I am expecting my new 16 tooth sprocket today and was looking for a guide for the install but I could not find one. If someone could post a link or give me instructions that would be great.

Thanx in advance,

I did mime not too hard Iused an impac wrench to get the nut off and be sur you put thread lock on threads when putting it back together:;):
loosen chain alot...

left fairing, shift lever, coolant bottle, speedo sensor, sprocket cover.

you must secure the rear wheel to loosen and tighten the sprocket nut(have someone apply the brake). It is on pretty tight, so use a 1/2" drive breaker bar if ya got one.

just take it easy and slow. not hard to do, but important to do it right.

get into it and ask ?'s if you get stuck. I do.     ;)

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