My Busa in the House!

No more posts?
Hmmmm!!! I guess that didn't go over too well after all. He probably sleeps with his Busa now. Although it's probably in da doghouse...

All is well gentlemen!!!! The mods were completed, and to answer a couple of questions:

The suspension mod took a little over an hour because I weigh in @ 170 so we did all the sag settings etc like Jinkster suggested and tried to adjust accordingly on the dampening and rebound etc for my weight.

And yes....the Busa does sound beautiful in the house. I revved it up once or twice for a laugh and the glass on the China Cabinet shook like hell.

Momma is happy again, as soon as the mods were done I moved the Busa back out to exhile!! ( It's closer to the street that way .)

Unfortunately the Ohio weather has been torrential rain, so I have yet to test the changes.

I'll keep you guys posted. I do like the appearance with the 1" links in for sure. Makes a mean stance look even meaner.

Iwould love to rev mine in the house to see what it sounds like, but that will never be allowed by my wife.
Fate....grow a pair man! You only live once! I haven't done it with my busa yet, but I did it with my VTX, no-baffle aftermarket exhaust and all. And, I didn't ask for permission from my wife - I just rolled it in the house and did it. Granted, she wasn't home at the time, and i got it out before she got back, but, well...nevermind the "grow a pair" comment. Just sneak it in the house like most of us do.

By the way, she figured out something had happened, because all our animals were hiding in terror for the next 2 days or so.

Also, the "you only love once" comment comes with the caveat that "living" may not be something you do for long after she finds out.
The after mod pics will be coming. There was not enough space in the house to get a good photo decent enough to show the difference in the rear height

When the rain stops, I will pull it out and get some shots!!
(Shanling @ Mar. 22 2007,15:57) Wow, that color really looks super fast!
Yep - fastest one they make

When my wife and I were first married, I had a sportster. Kept in inside the DUPLEX next to the furnace during the winter. The neighbors bitched about the puppy I bought the wife - said it barked and whined when we left it, and it probably did.

They left a note damn near every time. So I fired the Harley up in the house - with the drag pipes on (no baffles at all)

They quit bitching about the pup....

Yeah, I was a pr!ck..... but it was funny. Sorry to hijack....