How to install GIPro w/ATRE on 2005 Busa

The designer did it like that for a reason, why wouldn't you want to do that? It doesn't drain your battery......... just wondering

10 minute install??? ummm... i messed with mine for 3 afternoons after work to make a bracket to fit just right lol :banghead: ... but now I have to ask...

I dont want to run the hotwire directly to the battery, preferring an ignition powered wire... so where, and to what colour wire, does everyone hook up to
Actually... primarilly, no they didnt

Hooking directly to the battery is the second option given by the 'developers'... and as advised in the installation instructions provided by Healtech... this option MAY drain the battery if the bike is not ridden regularly

Connecting to an ignition powered wire is the primary option (as per the instructions)

The designer did it like that for a reason, why wouldn't you want to do that? It doesn't drain your battery......... just wondering
I just tied into the brown wire at the tail light for ignition power on. I ran it to a relay and then it powers a 6 way fuse block for all my ignition on accessories. and was one of the easiest installs I did on the bike. think I had half an hour invested....granted, did it while I had the fairings off, but could be done with just the tank lifted....
This may be a separate issue, but..... I installed mine tonight. Got rid of the surging in 3-4th gears immediately. Throttle response is sick smooth- not sure why I waited to install this!

However, there is a problem. This thing refuses to read the gears correctly. I tried the auto-learn function, but the indicator reads "0" in 5th and 6th gear. I brought it back into my garage to do the manual learn function, but it still isn't reading correctly. This was not expected at all, considering every single review that I looked at stated that the gear indicator is the most accurate available. I emailed Healtech and am waiting a response.
Minor Update:

1) Realized that this was an old thread that I originally replied to. My bad. I need to learn to pay attention to post dates!
2) Used GIPro for one season, had problems with it seeing gear changes. And, smelled like it was running WAY too rich. Disabled and now it only shows the gear indicator. Interestingly enough, I haven't had any problems with it seeing my gear changes. Of course, it could be that I'm just "shifting like I mean it" now, since I've got a few thousand miles on it now.
3) Even though this is an old thread, someone is bound to stumble upon this (like I did), so there's my "for what it's worth". Hope it helps whoever may be looking. Personally, though the surging discontinued, it wasn't worth me smelling gas all over my bike and clothes. 5th gear map is 5th gear (and not 1-4) for a reason. And I don't plan to go fast enough to worry about a limiter.