That Sucked!


I ordered a 16t looking for some more acceleration. Tonight I get the old countershaft sprocket off my Busa only to find it's 'made in france'. What's with that I'm thinking until I turn it over to find it's an AFAM sprocket. The same exact part number 16T sprocket I just bought!

I bought the bike used and the gearing seemed so tall I never suspected it wasn't stock. I can't imagine what it would be like with the stock 17t. No wonder the rear axle was so far back in it's travel.

I know it's excessive but even with the 16t I may still go up two or three in the back both for the shorter gearing and the shorter wheelbase.

Anyone interested in a new 16t?
I am +2 in the rear with a 16 tooth in the front and it pulls hard and with a roll on the throttle in second the front will wheelie very easy. The 42 sprocket in the back will put the wheel more forward like it was with stock gearing and easier to pull wheelies.
I found a good deal on a 43t, do you think it will fit with the stock chain?
Yeah a 43 will go with the stock chain...You mention that your axle was already well back so you may need to put a chain on while your at it...I run 16/42 and I wouldn't have it any other way... :devil: