1",2" or Stock oil pan on your busa and why.


What is the difference between the 1â€￾2â€￾ and stock oil pans. I know stock holds more oil than a 1â€￾ but you could lower your bike more with a 1â€￾ over stock pan. If you have a one inch pan could you still tour 500+ mile rides are or you stuck at the ¼ mile tracks the rest of the bikes life. Do you have to change the oil more with 1â€￾ oil pan turbo bikes compared to stock? I have a welded up stocker and like the look of a grudge bike, I might upgrade latter just need to know the pros and cons before I pull the trigger on a 300+ dollar oil pan.
Go with the 2in pan, it holds more oil. You would be surprised how much ground clearance you can with just the 2in pan.
Not sure it really matters on the street anyway. The only benefits of a flat pan is ground clearance. If you don't need clearance, run a stock pan. If you need clearance, run a 2" pan. I can't imagine you would ever need a 1" pan on the street for clearance.

As for the pan holding more oil, you can put as much (or as little) oil in the bike as you desire.