If removing oil cooler, why tap the pan?

That's what I was afriad of. So right now the BOV is mounted in the front/center of the plenum and the 'in' pipe is center on the back. If I have my guy cut the pipe off and block off the hole, can I have him cut and mount the pipe on the left side of the plenum (facing the air duct of course) and leave the BOV alone? Or do you need the air coming in to be in the center of the plenum for even distribution to the throttle bodies? I can do the latter, but will cost me a few more bucks to cut off the BOV and relocate that to the side. It's probably not a huge cost difference so if there's any benefit at all to having the pipe centered that's what I'll have him do.

go centre if you can
one of my early plenums was a turbo 595 daytona , made it with end input and there was a very noticable fuel trim/cyl difference when it was tuned , first one got more air than the last and made the transition to boost untidy
Was hoping with forced it would be less of an issue, but certainly does make sense. Appreciate the insight. Time to get some grinding wheels for the dremel and rip the thing apart. It's going to look like a patchwork quilt when it's done, but I guess it spends 99% of its life under the tanks so who's going to notice. :)