08/09 owner's

Well any one ever have tranny issues with their bike?
My busa be a 2009
My issues are when I'm getting it on ( drag'n and rollin on ) Bike does
not like to hit second gear and third gear as well.
NOW before anyone ask i'm not being lazy on the shifts pull for all my foot will pull. I've had issues with third gear since she was new ( 4-20-09) now starting to have it with second. When i took it in for her first service i told the service dept my concerns with the shifting they said they would check it out.
Well they said they found no issues.I'm getting concerned it's happening way to much for only having 1600miles on her.
Any ideas to what might be the issues linkage,shift drum,shift forks


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Take it back in and tell them there's an issue and make them work it. It's not coming out of their pocket and they get paid to do the work.
And I've kept the busa bone stock.
I've always waited to make any changes until i'm sure she is up to par
and they cant say well you done this etc. Bullcrap line!!
And i didn't buy the extended warranty my M O is to ride it till the factory warranty is up
then add all the goodies:laugh:

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