03 Gix 750 For Sale


I have to sell the 750.  I found out that I have to have surgery on the shoulder and that I will be out for most of the summer.  So I am not going to have 2 new bikes in the garage and not be able to ride either one.  So I am going to keep the busa and get rid of the gix.  It has 1000 mi on it.  Normal break in, oil changed 2 times already.  It has a vileyco carbon fiber slip-on (real deep tone), has been re-mapped, carbon fiber frame-sliders, carbon fiber swing arm sliders, carbon fiber tank pad, blue chrome windscreen.  Removed the decals off of the rear fairing, and have the "GSXR" ones in chrome.  Have rim decals for it, changed to vortex front and rear sprockets.  Dropped one in the front and added 2 to the rear (awesome in the corners).  I ordered the new undertail and tire hugger for it and it should be in within the next week.  Never been laid down.  It is like brand new.  I am asking 9,000$ for it.  That is way under MSRP plus all of the add ons.  E-Mail me at kovacsrich@earthlink.net  I can e-mail pics.  I also have the stock pipe, sprockets and windscreen to go w/ it.