Carbon fiber busa decals

Well I have finished the Carbon Fiber Busa decals for my bike. These are REAL CARBON FIBER that have been domed(a special clear coat that is 5 to 6 mm thick and flexible)Sorry about the crappy pics but my scanner is not working.
I can also do certain colors(Green,Silver,Blue,dark Red and Black).The decals are adhered with industrial 3m tape (the same stuff is used for car decals) so they arent coming off once installed.
what kinda price are you talkin about for a full set of decals like that? 40, 50 bucks?
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Uhh yea right,let me explain what I have to go through to make these things

1.Order Raw Carbon cloth-minimum 50 sq yd roll

2.Order 3m Industrial double sided adhesive 50 sq yd roll

3.Apply a flexible resin and press the carbon through a 500lbs press to squeeze the resin inbetween the fibers so there is no air bubbles(without it teh Carbon weave would come apart).

4.Apply the double sided 3m adhesive to the carbon and run it through the press again

5.Once that is done lay the Carbon on a table to have the letters and shapes cut with a laser.

6. Apply the doming process,while that is being done a heat gun must be used to get rid of all the Air bubbles in the resin clearcoat.

Price is $250.00 plus shipping. That price is not set and may go up soon.
im gonna need some new shorts after seein that. you just made my day.when the inner fairings come out do you think that you could do some kind of package deal?those are the most rediculously unbelievable decals i have seen for the busa. even if i didnt have a busa i would buy them just to put on my walls.


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i have heard that working with that stuff is difficult and costly but looks very nice. Good job gixxer!


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