'02 to '03


I have an '03 and have been trying to get some goodies for it but every other catalog says that the parts are only for up to '02 or 00'-02' but some do list up to '03. I don't want to assume that '03 is the same without knowing the facts.

For instance I am looking at exhaust systems, frame sliders, swingarm spools/sliders, footpegs, etc etc.

Is it safe to assume that parts for an '02 fit and '03? If not what does not interchange?
Well I'll list what for sure changed, and I know that Corbin Had to design an 03 specific seat for the Busa...Something to think about....


Color of forks of course TiNi Sliders.
Color of calipers, and rotor holder thingi's
And I think that is about it...

Oh and a beefed up starter gear...
32 bit started in 02 sir. So yeah 03 is 32bit...