How much should i be looking at for an '03 or '02?


I found 2 2002 black/blue leftover hayabusa's at a local dealer. He told me they were selling them for $1200 under the '03 cost. Does that sound right? What is a good price on both a new '03 or leftover '02? Don't want to get ripped.
i paid 10k out the door .with tax and registation for a blue black in danbury conn in september . they had to give me the bike for 9,200 to do it .hope it helps good hunting.
best deal for me in northern maine with out driving 8 hrs was 10,500 for my 03. was the best investment to date.
Picked up an '03 for 10,200 a few weeks back. Some dealers quoted almost as much for the '02 models. Watch that damn side stand when you do get it. Mine rolled off the stand in the drive way parked in the exact same spot I've been putting my Ninja for the last 10 years.......
9261 OTD last month for an 02 blue/black(fastest color). Local dealer would only go down to 10,400 for an 03.